Never Give Up

As long as you never give up on God, He will never give up on you. Day in and day out change will take place.
The only way you lose being a Christian is by giving up. God purchased your right standing through the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. So when you believe in Jesus by faith through grace you have the right to have a personal relationship with HIM. 

Life Outside Church

It is really good to go to Bible believing church. there is nothing like being encouraged from one believer to another. Your Christian walk is not walked out inside the four walls of a church. It is walked out every day trusting in God.

Steps to Walking with God Part 1

Questions that Travis Klingeman commonly gets asked; Do good people go to heaven? How do I walk with God? Why do I have to be born again to be saved? How do I pray?

Steps to Walking with God Part 2

Your walk with God works through faith by grace. God is a personal God who provides a new nature to you so that you can understand the things of God. The Holy Spirit makes it easy to enjoy the steps of trusting Gods hand on your life. Change is produced through praying, fellowshipping with God. Put your trust in God! Walk with Him!


Jake Long 2010 Life on the Road

Jake Long PRCA National Finals Contestant shares about his journey to his first trip to the NFR. Team Roping has always been his passion. He shares some of the ups and downs of life on the road and how he overcomes adversity mentally in the team roping world.


Jake Long Strength of Peace

Jake Long is a rodeo cowboy that has learned to find great strength from walking in peace. Travis and Jake visit about learning to trust God with you future, family, and daily life. Walking in peace is a direct result of Jake's personal relationship with God while he enjoys being a cowboy. Jake shares how he would have never made the National Finals Rodeo in Dec 2010 without peace that gave him strength.


Tasha Long, Survival of a Rodeo Wife Jake Long's wife


Rodeo Wife, Tasha Long, Life on the road

Jake Long will not waste any time letting you know that his strength comes from his relationship with God and his beautiful wife(Tasha Long). Behind Jake's achievements in 2010 is a wife that has been possitive, strong, and supportive of every decision as they walked this journy as a family. Rodeo wifes deserve recognition for there job as a wife and the manager of the household, even if it is mobile.