Travis & Jennifer

Travis and Jennifer Klingeman are originally from the state of Washington. At the age of 19 they started their ministry together as Young Life Leaders. As God’s calling unfolded in their lives they took on the roles of youth pastors and found themselves shepherding youth at church camps and community outreach events.

Desiring to further their knowledge and extend their reach for God’s Kingdom, Travis and Jennifer attended New Life Bible College in Cleveland, Tennessee. It was there that they each received a degree in ministry. During their studies the couple continued to minister to the youth as youth pastors for Norvel Hayes Ministries and as volunteers for the community youth center. Travis also taught classes at New Life Bible College and served in a prison ministry in Georgia. Jennifer also worked as the logistics coordinator for Angel Food Ministries.

Travis and Jennifer are ordained ministers under Dave Roberson Ministries. Travis has preached the gospel in many churches and communities across America in the past thirteen years. He enjoys preaching across denominational lines and has accepted invitations at Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Nazarene, and Assembly of God, as well as other Pentecostal and Non-Denominational, churches. He has also ministered to Christians and preached the gospel abroad.

Travis and Jennifer share a love for horses and in their free time they enjoy the outdoors on horseback. Travis has participated in team roping events across the nation as a contestant and a minister. As a Cowboy Church preacher, Travis’s passion for horses and love for people were combined. Travis also works as a farrier (horse-shoer).

Travis and Jennifer have been married since 1999 and have three children, Kendra and Bryce and Wade.

Travis has a passion for encouraging people and teaching them applicable ways to walk with God in day to day activities. His teaching focuses on the changes an individual can make to have more victory in their life. As the saying goes, “constant change is here to stay,” but the benefits of being a born again Christian bring peace and joy no matter one’s circumstances in life. The true and lasting changes God promises, such as peace and joy, begin by walking and talking with Him throughout daily living. You can have as much of God as you desire, and the changes He will make in and through you are limitless. He will change you from the inside out if you allow Him to work.