Vision Statement

It is our goal to encourage your walk with God.  We have been privileged to minister in many different settings to many different people.  No matter who you are and what situation you are in; you are important to God.  He will meet you right where you are. He loves you!

I have found that walking through every day with God to the best of my ability has produced change in my life.  Not always change around me, but always change within me.  It has brought abundant peace, joy, fulfillment, love, healing, hope, and a future. It has brought me so many things that this world cannot offer.  You may not know much about God, but if you will let Him into your life it will be worth it.

One thing I know!  God is for me and you.  He is not mad at us!  He wants to walk with you, talk with you, and guide you into whatever your heart needs.  No matter where life finds you today, don’t give up, don’t settle.  There is more to be had in life than what you have right now.  God wants to give it to you!

We love to serve an awesome God, enjoy His love, and live a powerful Gospel.  We believe in the whole Bible, the Holy Spirit, God’s plan for our lives, and the power to walk it out.  We hope our lives are a testimony to the goodness of God, and His love for you.  

You were created to walk with God!! This ministry is committed to teaching, and walking with you into a deeper relationship with Jesus!  Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  It is our hope you will find material that will encourage you.  Also, you are welcome to join us at any On White Horses event and experience a time of worship and God's Word shared with love and power!