Upcoming Food Giveaways
On White Horses is partnering with Until All Are Fed to host a food outreach at White Horse Arena each month.  Each outreach provides thousands of pounds of food and grocery items to help meet the needs of people in our area.  In addition to giving this practical aid, the love of Christ and the powerful message of the gospel is shared with those who attend. 

Next Food Distribution:

Many people have been asking when the next Food Distribution will be.
We try for the 4th Tuesday of the month,
but it’s contingent on funding for food transportation.
As of now we aren’t able to announce the schedule until funding comes in.
Thank you for understanding. 

For those interested in donating, you may send a tax deductible contribution to:

On White Horses
PO Box 5
Boley, OK 74829
or click here
Questions: 509-979-8691